Saturday, May 14, 2011

Personal Mastery Readings with Deb DeLisi

Recently I had a reading with Deb DeLisi which included an intuitive sketch. It was so much fun and so interesting that I wanted to share her information. The picture "Wing of Light to Guide You" is what she sketched for me. Isn't it fabulous?? Check out her information and see if you feel guided to have a reading. Be sure to check out the artwork and products on her site. They are beautiful.

Personal Mastery Readings to assist you in stepping forward on your path 

Do you ever wonder: "Who am I? What is the next step on my path? I know I have a purpose but it's not clear what it is." 

There is so much uncertainty in the world today. Institutions, places, cultures, and structures we once thought of as solid and permanent are slowly dissolving and falling away. As we leave the old behind, we draw closer to the Age of Light and many now feel a calling to step forward into the role you came here for. 

Intuitive artist, expressionist and channeler of information, Deb DeLisi, offers personal reading sessions to assist those who feel unsure of how to make the next step or what it may look like. She works with you personally, one-on-one, and offer words of clarity. The guidance is channeled from a group of energies that give the name “Keepers of the Dream”. This group that comes forward is a unique collective of energies, specific for each person. Deb's readings also include a sketched symbol which is revealed intuitively during or immediately after the session. This symbol provides meaning, focus and support for you, and includes an interpretation and how to use it.
Sessions are done over the phone, and last about 30 minutes. Cost is $55 which includes the sketch and an interpretation of your Personal Mastery Symbol. To learn more about Deb DeLisi or inquire about a reading, email or visit her site:

DeLisi Art
Carlsbad, CA

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