Monday, May 23, 2011

Time for a Name Change? by Kathy Atkinson

Time for a Name Change? by Kathy Atkinson

Have you ever contemplated changing your name? Does your current name reflect who you are or does it feel like it limits you in any way?

I once asked a friend why she kept her ex-husband’s last name instead of changing it back to her maiden name, especially since her marriage was an emotional drain on her that lasted many years. She explained to me that her childhood wasn’t much better and she didn’t want to take on, or take back, that old energy.

As I was thinking about this subject, I realized that over the years, I have met many people who have legally changed their names or unofficially adopted new names.

Typically, business owners and professionals avoid using their nicknames so they appear more professional and are considered an expert. Would you rather learn from Robert the expert or Bob?

A friend of mine named Sandy was going to run for political office a few years ago. She let everyone know in her inner circle that she wanted to be called “Sandra” during the campaign because she wanted to adopt a more professional persona.

An image consultant that I am friends with dropped his first name and began using his initials to evoke a more professional image.
I frequently have clients adopt a “new persona” when they want to show up in their lives differently. This process can involve choosing a different name or more typically by adding the characteristic that they want to exhibit, such as “Connie the Confident”, “Lucky Larry” or “Mary the Magnificent Money Attractor”.

We see branding personas on the internet all the time. From Ezine Queen, Video Marketing King, Article Marketing Expert to Money Guru. My EFT colleague Jan Luther calls herself “The Ego Tamer”. These names help to keep the business owner focused and on track regarding the information they want to share and also boosts the expert image they want to portrait to the public.

Are you feeling stuck in your life or in your career? Would it be of value to you to adopt a name change, a new persona or a new branding identity at this point in your life?
A colleague of mine recently changed just one letter in her name and immediately noticed a difference in her interactions and conversations with others. What change would you like to make?

Action Challenge

Actors play different roles all the time. Choose a different role to play.

Choose a name to reflect the image or persona that you want to convey.

Adopt the new behaviors, beliefs and physical characteristics that correspond with your new persona…“Act the part.”
Have fun showing up differently. Have fun “playing the part”.

You are not stuck in the same old, same old. Give yourself permission to be different. Give yourself permission to be your true self with a different name or different persona.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Power of Why by Kathy Atkinson

The Power of Why by Kathy Atkinson

“When you talk about what you want and why you want it, there's usually less resistance within you than when you talk about what you want and how you're going to get it. When you pose questions you don't have answers for, like how, where, when, who, it sets up a contradictory vibration that slows everything down.”

--- Abraham - Excerpted from the workshop in San Antonio, TX on Saturday, January 29, 2005 # 19

If you want something, you need to know why...

Why do you want more money?

Why do you want to be more successful?

Why do you want to lose weight?

Why do you want to find the love of your life?

If you look deep enough, it is because you are looking to experience a particular emotion or feeling.  Do you want more money because you will feel safer, more secure, more in control, or more confident? Do you want to be more successful because you will feel more satisfied, more fulfilled or happier?

Knowing why you want something activates the Law of Attraction and creates an energetic alignment with your desires.

As Abraham mentions in the quote, when you don’t have the answers to how you are going to make more money, when it is going to show up or who is going to help you make it happen, your questions, discomfort and disbelief slows down the manifesting process.

I was working with a client recently and she had the desire to make more money. I asked her how much money she wanted to make each month. I asked her why she wanted the money. I asked her about her resistance to making that kind of money and she couldn’t see how she could make that much. Trying to figure out the how’s, slows down and can stop the manifesting process.

Whatever your goal or desire, keep your focus on why you want it.

Action Challenge

  1. Decide specifically what you want.
  2. Write down why you want it.
  3. Keep asking “why do I want that” until you get to the feelings and emotions you are looking to experience.
  4. Amp up the feelings you want to experience everyday by reviewing your list of “why I want it”.
  5. Notice when you feel, hear or sense any resistance showing up. Listen for that little voice that says, “How it that going to happen?” or “When is it going to happen?” Remind yourself to just stay focused on why you want it and what emotions you want to experience.
  6. Then take inspired action toward your goal or desire while you keep your focus on WHY you want it.

Personal Mastery Readings with Deb DeLisi

Recently I had a reading with Deb DeLisi which included an intuitive sketch. It was so much fun and so interesting that I wanted to share her information. The picture "Wing of Light to Guide You" is what she sketched for me. Isn't it fabulous?? Check out her information and see if you feel guided to have a reading. Be sure to check out the artwork and products on her site. They are beautiful.

Personal Mastery Readings to assist you in stepping forward on your path 

Do you ever wonder: "Who am I? What is the next step on my path? I know I have a purpose but it's not clear what it is." 

There is so much uncertainty in the world today. Institutions, places, cultures, and structures we once thought of as solid and permanent are slowly dissolving and falling away. As we leave the old behind, we draw closer to the Age of Light and many now feel a calling to step forward into the role you came here for. 

Intuitive artist, expressionist and channeler of information, Deb DeLisi, offers personal reading sessions to assist those who feel unsure of how to make the next step or what it may look like. She works with you personally, one-on-one, and offer words of clarity. The guidance is channeled from a group of energies that give the name “Keepers of the Dream”. This group that comes forward is a unique collective of energies, specific for each person. Deb's readings also include a sketched symbol which is revealed intuitively during or immediately after the session. This symbol provides meaning, focus and support for you, and includes an interpretation and how to use it.
Sessions are done over the phone, and last about 30 minutes. Cost is $55 which includes the sketch and an interpretation of your Personal Mastery Symbol. To learn more about Deb DeLisi or inquire about a reading, email or visit her site:

DeLisi Art
Carlsbad, CA