Friday, February 18, 2011

Time for a Get-A-Way?

Time for a Get-A-Way?

Do you occasionally spend quiet time alone and away from your usual routine?

One of the home-based business clients I work with makes it a regular habit to go to a nearby hotel whenever she needs to get some significant work done. Away from the distractions of laundry, dishes, children and a husband, she is able to be really productive.

I had a conversation with a client recently around her resistance to spending time writing down her “ideal life” experience. When she gets home from work, she is too tired and drained to attempt such a creative activity. On the weekends, like everyone else, she has to take care of the typical shopping and cleaning activities, so there never seems to be time. We discussed the possibility of her going to a hotel, a bed and breakfast or perhaps a spa in order to get her away from her usual surroundings and activate her creative thinking.

It can be difficult to explore new ideas and get work accomplished when you are in your usual environment. It is hard to be creative when laundry is piling up, there are dishes to be done and dust balls to chase after.

When you get away from your regular environment and remove the normal distractions, you open yourself up to new energy, new thoughts, new ideas and amazing productivity.

When was the last time you purposely spent a significant amount of time alone, in a new environment, with the intention to activate some creative thinking? Can’t remember? Never?

Many people have a special place in their home that is dedicated to meditation, journaling or creative thinking, but it is still helpful to get out of your usual environment in order to active something new and different on occasion.

A few years ago, I wrote at least ten new EFT tapping scripts one night in my hotel room after attending a daytime workshop event. Without all the usual distractions, I was able to tap into a creative energy flow that was fun and easy to achieve.

Can you remember a time when you had a similar experience?

Getting out in nature is a great way to free up your creative thinking mind, but the weather doesn’t always cooperate. I suggested to a client living in a major city that she seek out a museum with a quiet secluded sitting area as a possible escape from the same old energy. A local library might work also if you aren’t easily distracted by others in the room.

As Albert Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” A fresh, new or different environment can get you out of the same old thinking.

Action Challenge

If you want to change something in your life and it hasn’t happened yet, make a commitment to schedule a get-away with the intention of activating some new thoughts, ideas and action steps to take.

A hotel room may be out of your budget, but perhaps you can go to a friend’s house and lock yourself in their guest room for a few hours. Be creative and come up with a fun get-away for yourself.

Remember, you can’t hear what your heart is telling you unless you take the time to remove distractions, get quiet and listen.

To your success,
Kathy Atkinson