Sunday, August 08, 2010

Motivation vs Inspiration

Motivation vs Inspiration by Kathy Atkinson

One of my Eight Keys to Success is Take Inspired Action. It is not Take Motivated Action.

What’s the difference? Here is a great analogy from a post on Jason Caldarera’s blog.

"To explain the difference I use an analogy of mowing your lawn. Motivation is like using a push mower. To motivate the lawnmower, you must get behind it and push. If you stop pushing, the lawnmower stops going. To get it to go again, you must push again. At the end, the lawn is mown and looks great, but you are tired, sweating and putting off mowing again as long as you can.

Inspiration is like using a self propelled lawnmower. The lawnmower knows its job and self propelled to finish it. At the end, the lawn is mowed, looks great and you aren’t tired. You’re ready for something else and you don’t dread the next time you have to cut your grass."
Jason Caldarera

Are you motivated to get into shape because your doctor says you’re at risk for heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes? Or, are you inspired to get into shape because you value your health and well-being?

Motivation typically comes from fear or trying to push against something. Motivation feels like something you have to do and is dictated from outside yourself. “I have to go to work in order to pay my mortgage.” “I have to lose weight so I don’t get heart disease.”

Inspiration pulls you forward and comes from comes from within. Inspiration is something you want to do and something that connects you with the creative energy of the universe, and your Higher Self. “I want to work out today, so that I feel energized and alive.”

“Motivation makes you work just hard enough not to get fired. Inspiration makes you work hard enough to fire your boss.” Mark Gubua

Are you living an inspired life or a motivated life?

Pay attention to the actions that you take today. Are they actions you feel like you have to take or you want to take?

Inspired people change themselves and change the world. Motivated people work really hard and burnout quickly. Which do you choose?