Friday, March 05, 2010

Stuff is Going to Happen

Stuff is Going to Happen by Kathy Atkinson

On a Thursday evening a couple of weeks ago, I came home to a slowly dying refrigerator. There is never a "good time" for something to break down, but I have noticed that the Universe is still working in my favor even when unwanted things happen in my life. Let me explain.

When I noticed the problem with the refrigerator, it was still relatively cold in the refrigerator and freezer compartment, so we didn't have to throw out any of the food.

The local Lowe's store was open until 9 pm, so we had plenty of time to purchase a new one (I noticed the problem about 7 pm).

The designated area for the refrigerator in our kitchen is a specific size, so we were limited to only a couple of choices in the store. The benefit of that...I didn't have to agonize over which model to choose.

The sales person we interacted with was very helpful and went out of his way to re-arrange the delivery schedule and put us first on the list on Friday morning.

It was cold enough outside to put all the food on the patio over night.

The delivery men arrived on Friday morning at 8:15 AM and were gone by 8:30.

In a little over 12 hours, I had a new refrigerator without much disruption in my life. It certainly wasn’t something that I wanted or planned for, but whether we like it or not, stuff is going to happen.

When you have unwanted things happen in your life are you able to look for the gifts and blessings within the experience?

Here is another example. A few years ago, I was driving down one of the main four-lane roads in my local town. As I was coming to a stop at a stoplight, my brakes felt like they were slipping and not working properly. Very scary! What's the gift and blessing in that?

When this happened, there weren't any other cars around me.

I was actually heading in the direction of the car dealer where I had purchased my vehicle and I was only about a half mile away.

My husband was home that day and was able to pick me immediate, so I didn't have to wait at the dealership for the brakes to be fixed.

All in all, I was very “lucky” to have my brakes fail at that time and in that location.

Here is an example that happened to my daughter and son-in-law just last week. I was visiting on a Friday evening and enjoying the grandkids. Typically my son-in-law would be at work (he works the 3-11pm shift), but he happened to take the day off to get some work done around their house. Around 8 pm, my daughter noticed a hot, burning smell in their mud room. My son-in-law did some investigation and discovered their furnace wasn’t working. Not a good thing when the temperature outside is in the teens and they have two small children. They have never had furnace problems in the past, so they didn’t have anyone in mind to contact.

My son-in-law consulted the phone book. It turned out that there was a listing for someone that lived just down the road. The repair man was able to come right over and within 10 minutes had diagnosed the problem. A quick trip back to his shop to get a part and by 9 pm the furnace was back up and running.

Once again not the ideal situation to transpire, but how fortunate that it happened in the early evening, that my son-in-law was home, the repair man live just down the road and the fix was quick and simple.

Stuff is going to happen in our lives. Some of it unwanted, annoying and costly. Pushing against it and feeling like a victim can set you up for an even more uncomfortable situation.

An underlying intention for my life is for health, safety and well-being, so I trust the Universe to support me when things break down. I never ask - Why me? Why now? I move in to the action mode and expect the Universe to put me on the path that is the easy fix and easy solution.

Action Challenge

The next time something unwanted happens in your life; see if you can identify the gifts and the blessings in the situation.

Have a clear intention to be supported by the Universe at all times.

Jump into the pro-active mode as quickly as possible when something unwanted happens. Don’t waste time questioning why something is happening and why it is happening to you.

There are better times and worst times for things to happen. Get into the flow of divine perfect timing.