Friday, December 10, 2010

Abraham Quote - FEEL Healthy, Vital, Alive & Prosperous

You will notice that those who speak most of prosperity, have it. Those who speak most of health, have it. Those who speak most of sickness, have it. Those who speak most of poverty, have it. It is Law. It can be no other way... The way you feel is your point of attraction, and so, the Law of Attraction is most understood when you see yourself as a magnet getting more and more of the way you feel. When you feel lonely, you attract more loneliness. When you feel poor, you attract more poverty. When you feel sick, you attract more sickness. When you feel unhappy, you attract more unhappiness. When you feel healthy and vital and alive and prosperous—you attract more of all of those things.
--- Abraham

Excerpted from "The Law of Attraction, The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham" #64 - Jerry and Esther Hicks

Monday, November 01, 2010

Simply Raw Video Series - A Must See if You Care About Your Health

Remember the film, “Super Size Me”?

You know the one where a guy in New York city (Morgan Spurlock) decided to eat nothing but McDonald’s for 30 days?

It was funny, educational and took the world by storm with it’s powerful message about the fast food industry.

In the film Morgan showed what happens if you eat terrible food for 30 days.

Well I want to share with you an exclusive, behind the scenes video interview with Morgan Spurlock that I think is critically important for you to watch for one specific reason…

I keep noticing people telling me that they want to get results in their life but that they don't have the energy.

And I keep noticing one key component that people aren't focusing enough on that has helped me get results in my life…and that's having an exceptional level of health and vitality.

I want you to ask yourself…
What would your life be like if you had double the level of energy that you have right now?

What could you achieve that you're not achieving right now?

If you want to find out then I highly recommend you watch this video now. Click here.

This video is part of an amazing 100% fr*ee video series that also includes Dr. Joel Fuhrman, raw food expert David Wolfe and Mike Adams that is being released for a limited time only.

The video series is being released by the makers of the film "Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days," a film that was essentially the opposite of Morgan's film (eating good food for 30 days instead of bad food), and is getting amazing reviews.

If you're struggling with any health issues or if you'd just like to know how to drastically improve the level of health, energy and vitality that you have on a daily basis then I highly recommend you watch this video.

In fact, I don't think there's a single person who couldn't benefit from watching these videos. They're just that important…

Check out the video with Morgan Spurlock right away.

To your health!

Kathy Atkinson

Full disclosure: I am an affiliate because I believe this information is so important. It is possible that I will receive a commission on any products purchases.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Conscious Living: Remembering You! - New Audio Series

My friend and colleague, Michelle Bersell, has gathered top experts that will share their insight, wisdom & knowledge in The New Consciousness Evolution Audio Series! Even better is that it's completely f*r*e*e* to be a part of! Love that.

Plus, you can receive over 30 bonus gifts from generous sponsors, just for signing up today.

Check out the line-up of speakers that are going to be talking about aspects of yourself that are important to REMEMBER & tap into in your daily life as you consciously EXPAND!

*Marci Shimoff: Remembering Happiness

*Kristine Carlson: Remembering to Let Go of Expectations

*Colin Tipping: Remembering Forgiveness

*Joan Borysenko: Remembering Resilience

*Janet Attwood: Remembering Passion

*David Wolfe: Remembering Health

*Marcia Weider: Remembering Your Dreams

*Arielle Ford: Remembering Love

*Michael Tamura: Remembering Your Soul’s Purpose

*Jo Dunning: Remembering the Power Within

*Mary Morrissey: Remembering Possibilities

*Michelle Bersell, M.A., M.Ed: Remembering to Feel

All you have to do is register here:

…and look out for an email from Michelle so you can gain access to the series and your 30 + bonus gifts.

This is an awesome event in which you have access to each expert’s interview for 72 HOURS for FREE! I have really enjoyed these speakers in the past and expect that this series will be just as valuable.

All you have to do to join me is click this link here:

So take action right now and join me on discovering more about how we can create greater fulfillment in this adventure we call life.

"See" you there!

Kathy Atkinson

PS - Full disclosure notice - The registration links are my affiliate links as I am a sponsor of this series. Please note that there is no cost to listen to the speakers. I am compensated if you choose to purchase the recordings.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Motivation vs Inspiration

Motivation vs Inspiration by Kathy Atkinson

One of my Eight Keys to Success is Take Inspired Action. It is not Take Motivated Action.

What’s the difference? Here is a great analogy from a post on Jason Caldarera’s blog.

"To explain the difference I use an analogy of mowing your lawn. Motivation is like using a push mower. To motivate the lawnmower, you must get behind it and push. If you stop pushing, the lawnmower stops going. To get it to go again, you must push again. At the end, the lawn is mown and looks great, but you are tired, sweating and putting off mowing again as long as you can.

Inspiration is like using a self propelled lawnmower. The lawnmower knows its job and self propelled to finish it. At the end, the lawn is mowed, looks great and you aren’t tired. You’re ready for something else and you don’t dread the next time you have to cut your grass."
Jason Caldarera

Are you motivated to get into shape because your doctor says you’re at risk for heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes? Or, are you inspired to get into shape because you value your health and well-being?

Motivation typically comes from fear or trying to push against something. Motivation feels like something you have to do and is dictated from outside yourself. “I have to go to work in order to pay my mortgage.” “I have to lose weight so I don’t get heart disease.”

Inspiration pulls you forward and comes from comes from within. Inspiration is something you want to do and something that connects you with the creative energy of the universe, and your Higher Self. “I want to work out today, so that I feel energized and alive.”

“Motivation makes you work just hard enough not to get fired. Inspiration makes you work hard enough to fire your boss.” Mark Gubua

Are you living an inspired life or a motivated life?

Pay attention to the actions that you take today. Are they actions you feel like you have to take or you want to take?

Inspired people change themselves and change the world. Motivated people work really hard and burnout quickly. Which do you choose?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jim Rohn Quote - Who is Influencing You?

"You must constantly ask yourself these questions:
Who am I around?
What are they doing to me?
What have they got me reading?
What have they got me saying?
Where do they have me going?
What do they have me thinking?
And most important, what do they have me becoming?

Then ask yourself the big question: Is that okay?

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change."

Jim Rohn
1930-2009, Author and Speaker

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quiet Please!

Quiet Please!

“We need quiet time to examine our lives openly and honestly. . . spending quiet time alone gives your mind an opportunity to renew itself and create order.” Susan L. Taylor

The warmer temperatures have me jogging outside again. (During inclement weather, I use the treadmill in my living room to keep me fit.) One perfect spring day, during my morning run, I re-discovered the importance of quiet time. When I am on the treadmill, I am either reading, watching a video, listening to an audio program or watching TV. Sometimes I am doing two of those activities at the same time. After a long cold winter inside, I was reminded of how nice it is to be out in nature, alone with myself and alone with my thoughts. Creative ideas were flowing easily and I was enjoying the quiet. No cell phone, no internet, no email, no books, no TV, just fresh air, sunshine and the sounds of nature.

How noisy has your life become? Is the TV always on? Is music always playing in the car? Is your cell phone ringing constantly or is someone always texting you?

Since that spring morning when I re-discovered the importance of quiet time, I have been turning off the car radio. I have been keeping the TV off unless I am actually watching a program. I have been enjoying 5-10 minutes of quiet time first thing in the morning before I get out of bed. And, at night, I close my book, shut off the light and take 5-10 minutes to enjoy the peace and quiet before I drift off to sleep.

Is it time for you to make some changes in your schedule and include times of quiet and solitude?

Here are some benefits of including quiet time into your day.
Stress diminishes
Pain subsides
Blood pressure lowers
Focus improves
Mood is elevated
Memory becomes sharper
Creativity is sparked
Intuition is enhanced

We can’t hear our great ideas and solutions to problems if we don’t take time to get quiet and listen.

Ways to enjoy some quiet time.
Sitting quietly for 5-10 minutes
1-2 minutes of deep breathing with eyes closed
Walks in nature
No music car rides

If you need a “quiet break” at work and can’t get away from your desk, keep a calming and relaxing picture of nature on your desk or as your computer screen background. Focus on the picture for a few minutes while doing some deep breathing.

I have been so much more relaxed and balanced since I have been turning off the noise and eliminating much of my multi-tasking. Try “turning down the noise” in your life by incorporating some simple changes and see if it makes a difference for you.

"My intuition never fails me, it is I who fail when I do not listen to it." --Sufi Mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Abraham Quote on Allowing

We would like you to release the word "achieve" or "earn" from your vocabulary and from your understanding, altogether, and we would like you to replace those words with the word "allow". You're wanting to allow your Well-being, not achieve it. It's not something that you need to earn. All you have to do is decide what it is you would like to experience, and then allow it in order to achieve it. It isn't something you have to struggle for or try for. You are all worthy beings. You are deserving of this Well-being.
--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Detroit, MI on Saturday, July 8th, 2000 #468

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Abraham Quote on Telling a Different Story

Continuing to tell stories of shortage only continues to contradict your desire for abundance, and you cannot have it both ways: You cannot focus upon unwanted and receive wanted. You cannot focus upon stories about money that make you feel uncomfortable and allow into your experience what makes you feel comfortable.

A different story will bring different results: My thoughts are the basis for the attraction of all things that I consider to be good, which includes enough money, and health, for my comfort and joy.
--- Abraham

Excerpted from the book "Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and Happiness" #451
Our Love, Jerry and Esther

Thursday, May 27, 2010

How to Master Your Appreciation Vibration

How to Master Your Appreciation Vibration by Jafree Ozwald

Experiencing a continuous appreciation for yourself, the world and everyone in it is the super highway to opening your manifesting powers, and connecting with the highest cosmic consciousness in the Universe, When your appreciation valve (in your heart) is 100% open for 24 hours in a row, extra little miracles start popping up all over your life! Try giving appreciation to everything you see, touch, taste, smell and hear for one day. One day, all day long, see if you can do it! This little practice is one of the most effective ways to becoming the master of your destiny. When you are in a constant state of gratitude you are communicating with the Universe from your higher mind, which allows you to be guided to receive your soul's dream life!!

"Understand the obstructions you are putting in the way of love, freedom, and happiness and they will drop. Turn on the light of awareness and the darkness will disappear. Happiness is not something you acquire; love is not something you produce; love is not something you have; love is something that has you." ~Anthony de Mello

Being in a constant state of appreciation is the ultimate goal of life. If you are challenged in the gratitude department you're not alone. Many don't know the secret to this ideal experience. It's like finding a diamond filled gold mine! First start paying attention to whatever the little things you don't appreciate at all. Find that which you are honestly thankful for and return to that thought and feeling as often as possible. Make a game of it! See how many times in a 5 minutes you can crank up your Gratitude Barometer and re-ignite that blissful state inside. Whenever you find that honest appreciation feeling for anything, or anyone, stay connected with it and within it. Soon it will grow and evolve into a habit of gratitude that includes even those things you never imagined you could ever possibly appreciate.

"The richest person is the one who is contented with what he has." ~Robert C. Savage

When you take the risk to appreciate what your mind cannot appreciate, an awesome expansive feeling begins building within your being. Whatever it is you've been in the pattern of not appreciating can and will be reversed. Perhaps you used to complain about the government, your spouse, her hair, his clothes, and lack of money you have in the bank. Then your cranky neighbor angrily came over and forced you to mow your lawn, would you be hard on yourself? It's always your choice. Whatever situation it is, there is a potential seed of acceptance within it. By first finding that grain of acceptance inside yourself, you will harness a new way of experiencing the outer world and a whole new dimension of consciousness becomes available. When you appreciate that which everyone cannot, you step beyo nd the collective "sheeple" mind into a realm of knowing that anything is possible.

"To be upset over what you don’t have, is to waste what you do have." ~Ken Keyes JR.

Try this exercise tomorrow morning. When you wake up and look in the mirror at yourself, take a few extra minutes to practice just looking and accepting what you see and feel. Just be OK with whatever your mind interprets, judges and projects onto that mirror image. Practice accepting your looks, your personality and your life just as they are. Remember, what you see with your mind is filtered through your imagination. Not everyone sees you the way you see you, we know your ideas aren't always going to reflect the real you. The real you, the infinite you is the soul that lives behind your eyes beyond the consciousness of the heart. Just practice appreciation first and approval will come later. Eventually in time you will totally accept what is here, on the inside and outside.

If you should ever feel off track, get overly upset about something, or simply trapped down in the dumpsters of your life, you are simply not focusing your attention upon what you appreciate. The most orgasmic energies in the Universe are available right there, right here, inside you now. Don't wait for them! It’s just about opening yourself up to experiencing them. It's a way of being with yourself, others and the Universe. Always noticing what you love about yourself takes practice to become a habit. The first nurturing, healing-feeling you can muster will grow stronger in you, when you make time to enjoy it. Let this new heartfelt channel of energy be the #1 focus of your day and watch in amazement as it blossoms throughout your life.

"The ordinary man lives in the brain unaware of himself in the Heart. The enlightened one lives in the Heart. When he moves about and deals with people and things, he knows that what he sees is not separate from the one Supreme Reality which he realized in the Heart as his own Self." ~Ramana

The secret to mastering anything in your life is in how much FUN you can have within your experience. The vibration of appreciation is so enjoyable and contagious that it will change you and everyone's lives around you! The heartfelt feeling of gratitude contains magical seeds that plant the most enlightening, loving, delightful experiences to enjoy!! You plant one seed of appreciation with your spouse today, and before you know it you'll harvest the sweet fruit. By planting 100 seeds of gratitude a day you'll have an abundant fortunate future indeed. I challenge you to live your life believing that there is NOTHING that you cannot appreciate. Let's see how creative you are. If you can appreciate something that you've NEVER ever been able to appreciate you'll be one step closer to becoming an appreciation master.

Add a Super Booster Rocket to breakthrough your consciousness with our NEW Manifesting Technology! The Super Manifesting Package will dramatically increase your vibration and consciousness so you start creating ANYTHING and EVERYTHING your heart desires!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Simply Raw - Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days Documentary

Actor Woody Harrelson, peak performance coach Tony Robbins, Rev. Michael Beckwith from "The Secret," Morgan Spurlock from "Super Size Me," Dr. Gabriel Cousens and raw food expert David Wolfe are all featured in the powerful raw food documentary film "Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days."

You can see the trailer for the film here.

Whether you're in perfect health or suffering with diabetes or any other health issue I highly recommend you watch this film. It's a powerful, emotional and educational film that is a must see for anyone who cares about their health.

Along with offering "Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days" for 50% OFF they're also offering the companion "Raw for Life" 2 disc DVD set for 50% OFF the regular price! But, only for a limited time...April 25 - April 30, 2010

It's all being done in an effort to raise awareness on how to reverse diabetes and other illnesses with raw and living foods.

And it's all part of the April 25th Reversing Diabetes Action Day Celebration which is taking place this week. This week is about people coming together to take action and spread accurate information on how to reverse and prevent diabetes.

It's a week where we dispel the myth of drugs being the only option. So take a minute to watch the trailer for this amazing film.

Remember, diabetes is a pandemic situation with over 246 million people suffering worldwide. If you or anyone you know is dealing with diabetes make sure that they watch this film. It just may save their life.

To Your Health,
Kathy Atkinson

*Full disclosure notice - I am compensated affiliate of Simple Raw because I feel this information is so valuable.

Friday, April 09, 2010

A Quantum Leap - New Movie

A Quantum Leap! Unleashing The Power Of Your True Nature

Are you ready for a Quantum Leap! in your personal awakening?

Perhaps, you’re simply inspired to learn more about Quantum Mechanics?

Join with several of today’s greatest minds as they explore the nature of reality and pierce the veil of our mechanistic world.

This incredible new movie features Joe Dispenza, Fred Alan Wolf, Stuart Hameroff, Chad Cameron, Peter Russell & Will Arntz.

In A Quantum Leap! Unleashing The Power Of Your True Nature, these guides share an eye opening and mind expanding view of Science and Spirituality merging.

Are you ready to:

* Accelerate your "Journey of Self-Discovery" beyond your physical time - space reality.
* Support your existing lifestyle by enhancing awareness and mental focus.
* Experience deeper levels of "Truth Realization."
* Develop creative insights to dissolve your inauthentic fears.
* Navigate expanded states of consciousness.
* Truly understand that YOU are the Ultimate Observer.
* Reach new potentials in thought and action as you unlock a gateway into profound forms of perception.
* Discover the difference between "Reality" vs. "Actuality."
* Experience a life filled with Joy, Trust and Adventure.

Order it now and let your accelerated expansion begin.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Stuff is Going to Happen

Stuff is Going to Happen by Kathy Atkinson

On a Thursday evening a couple of weeks ago, I came home to a slowly dying refrigerator. There is never a "good time" for something to break down, but I have noticed that the Universe is still working in my favor even when unwanted things happen in my life. Let me explain.

When I noticed the problem with the refrigerator, it was still relatively cold in the refrigerator and freezer compartment, so we didn't have to throw out any of the food.

The local Lowe's store was open until 9 pm, so we had plenty of time to purchase a new one (I noticed the problem about 7 pm).

The designated area for the refrigerator in our kitchen is a specific size, so we were limited to only a couple of choices in the store. The benefit of that...I didn't have to agonize over which model to choose.

The sales person we interacted with was very helpful and went out of his way to re-arrange the delivery schedule and put us first on the list on Friday morning.

It was cold enough outside to put all the food on the patio over night.

The delivery men arrived on Friday morning at 8:15 AM and were gone by 8:30.

In a little over 12 hours, I had a new refrigerator without much disruption in my life. It certainly wasn’t something that I wanted or planned for, but whether we like it or not, stuff is going to happen.

When you have unwanted things happen in your life are you able to look for the gifts and blessings within the experience?

Here is another example. A few years ago, I was driving down one of the main four-lane roads in my local town. As I was coming to a stop at a stoplight, my brakes felt like they were slipping and not working properly. Very scary! What's the gift and blessing in that?

When this happened, there weren't any other cars around me.

I was actually heading in the direction of the car dealer where I had purchased my vehicle and I was only about a half mile away.

My husband was home that day and was able to pick me immediate, so I didn't have to wait at the dealership for the brakes to be fixed.

All in all, I was very “lucky” to have my brakes fail at that time and in that location.

Here is an example that happened to my daughter and son-in-law just last week. I was visiting on a Friday evening and enjoying the grandkids. Typically my son-in-law would be at work (he works the 3-11pm shift), but he happened to take the day off to get some work done around their house. Around 8 pm, my daughter noticed a hot, burning smell in their mud room. My son-in-law did some investigation and discovered their furnace wasn’t working. Not a good thing when the temperature outside is in the teens and they have two small children. They have never had furnace problems in the past, so they didn’t have anyone in mind to contact.

My son-in-law consulted the phone book. It turned out that there was a listing for someone that lived just down the road. The repair man was able to come right over and within 10 minutes had diagnosed the problem. A quick trip back to his shop to get a part and by 9 pm the furnace was back up and running.

Once again not the ideal situation to transpire, but how fortunate that it happened in the early evening, that my son-in-law was home, the repair man live just down the road and the fix was quick and simple.

Stuff is going to happen in our lives. Some of it unwanted, annoying and costly. Pushing against it and feeling like a victim can set you up for an even more uncomfortable situation.

An underlying intention for my life is for health, safety and well-being, so I trust the Universe to support me when things break down. I never ask - Why me? Why now? I move in to the action mode and expect the Universe to put me on the path that is the easy fix and easy solution.

Action Challenge

The next time something unwanted happens in your life; see if you can identify the gifts and the blessings in the situation.

Have a clear intention to be supported by the Universe at all times.

Jump into the pro-active mode as quickly as possible when something unwanted happens. Don’t waste time questioning why something is happening and why it is happening to you.

There are better times and worst times for things to happen. Get into the flow of divine perfect timing.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Abraham Quote - Get Happy!

Everything that I think that I need to do is all only in order to propel me to some place that when I get there, I think I will be happier. So, everything that I am doing, no matter what it is, all of my lists of rights and wrongs... are all about me getting to a manifestation that I believe I will then be happier... So, why don't I take a short cut and just go get happy?
--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Washington, DC on Saturday, May 1st, 2004 #325

Our Love, Jerry and Esther

Monday, January 04, 2010

Law of Attraction - EFT Telegathering ~ Name Your Theme

New Law of Attraction ~ EFT Telegathering

Topic: Name Your Theme for 2010 - Listen to the recording

Now is the perfect time to choose an empowering theme for this New Year.

During this interactive teleclass we will be discussing “themes”…negative and positive themes, conscious and unconscious themes that are playing out in your life.

We’ll begin the process of selecting an empowering theme (or themes) for this year.

We will use EFT Meridian Tapping to disconnect from any negative themes playing out in your life and instill some positive energy around the new theme you want to create and experience in 2010.

Who should attend: This class is perfect for you if you are ready to disconnect from the negative themes you have running in your life and choose a theme for this year that is inspiring and pulls you forward.

Date: Friday, January 8, 2010

Time: 11:30 AM Eastern (10:30 central, 9:30 mountain, 8:30 pacific)

Duration: 52 minutes

Fee: No-Cost

Listen to the recording or right click and download to your computer.

The recording is not the best quality. You can read a summary article of the call on my EFT blog...

To Your Success,

Creative Life Coaching
Kathy Atkinson