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6 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Motivation by Arina Nikitina

I recently became acquainted with Arina Nikitina. In this article she offers some great suggestions on how to keep your energy amped up to achieve your goals.

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6 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Motivation

Have you ever found it hard to complete a task that needed to be done? Have you ever found yourself willingly procrastinating? Have you ever failed to achieve a certain goal that you had in mind?

All these are just “side effects” of one true cause – lack of motivation. Motivation is that inner force that drives and directs your actions towards achieving a certain goal, determines your effort, and keeps you going even when things get difficult.

Motivation gives you the burning reason “WHY” you want to do something. Without it accomplishing your goals becomes almost impossible. Every little problem, every little negative comment, every tiny obstacle in your way could be enough to stop you from pursuing what you truly desire.

Weak desire creates weak motivation. Weak motivation creates weak results.

If you want to boost your motivation, the first thing you need to do is to give yourself a strong reason for achieving your goal or getting a certain task done. Here are some great ways to boost weak motivation:

1. Let us start with the "WHY"... Take a piece of paper and write down at least 21 reason why you want to achieve your goal and what benefits you will get after accomplishing it. Whenever you feel down, tired or upset simply, re-read your list. Recalling all the benefits will help you to stay focused on your goal/task and to prevent you from procrastinating.

2. Positive affirmations are powerful statements, meant to be repeated many times, in order to help us concentrate and describe the desired result. Without even realizing it, most of us put ourselves down for any little mistake we make.

We repeat in our minds negative phrases and statements concerning the situations, life events, and other people. We believe that we are not talented/smart/determined/worthy enough, because we are constantly comparing ourselves with others. We keep telling ourselves that we can not do something or that if we try, we are going to fail. All this negative self-talk, negatively affects our life, preventing us from taking risks and striving for more in life.

Positive affirmations help to transform our negative beliefs into positive ones, increase self-esteem and motivation. Positive affirmations are most powerful if stated in positive, present tense, first person. For example, “I am a successful and happy person” is a much better than “I am not a failure”. It is important to repeat your affirmations first thing in the morning, before going to bed and any time you feel that you need a positive energy boost. Whenever you read your positive statement, make sure that you do it with conviction, attention and desire.

3. Reading success stories of other people is another great way to increase your motivation, whenever you start doubting yourself. If you read a story of almost any successful person, you will see that before they achieved stellar success, these people were no different from me or you. In fact a lot of them started with less money, connections, support than you have right now. If they can do it, you can do it too!

4. Little motivational things work miracles in helping us to stay focused on our goal and to increase motivation. Surround yourself with these little things! Put a motivational picture on your desktop. Put a beautiful picture or a poster that makes you feel great and inspired in a place where you can see it frequently throughout the day, be it in your office, your bedroom, your car or on your fridge or your mirror in the bathroom.

5. Your own success journal is fun to write and at the same time an effective motivational tool, because it helps you to maintain positive attitude, stay concentrated on the goals that are important to you and monitor your progress. Just take a notebook or create a new folder on your computer, where you can write down everything positive that happened to you today. Keep in mind that it is not a to-do list or action plan, so do not write what you still have to do. What you DID is what matters most.

For example, if your goal is to lose 5 pounds by the end of the month, your little achievements could be “did a 25 minute workout in the morning”, “took the stairs instead of the elevator when I got to work”, or “Ordered a salad instead of a hamburger for lunch”. Make it a habit: at the end of each day, devote 10-20 minutes writing down your achievements and give yourself sincere praise or reward yourself for every task or goal that you have accomplished. Because you deserve it!

6. Motivational quotes are a wonderful source of inspiration. Motivational quotes can be phrases, biblical passages, inspirational ideas, or positive thoughts that you have read somewhere, or came up with yourself. The quote must be capable of motivating you into action. Actions that lead towards your goals.

It is a great idea to write your motivational quotes down on blank business cards, to carry with you to review whenever you feel the need for a little inspiration. Take a blank flash card or just small piece of paper and write down your favorite quote. Then put it into your wallet. Every time you need motivation, just take a look at it.

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