Friday, June 13, 2008

Code of Persistence - Harold Sherman

I love this code of persistence. Great words to live by.
Be sure to print these off and post them where you can
read them every day.



From "How to turn Failure into Success" -Harold Sherman

1. I will never give up so long as I am right.

2. I will believe that all things will work out for me if I hang on to the end.

3. I will be courageous and undismayed in the face of poor odds.

4. I will not permit anyone to intimidate or deter me from my goals.

5. I will fight to overcome all physical handicaps and setbacks.

6. I will try again and again and yet again to accomplish what I desire.

7. I will take new faith and resolution from the knowledge that all successful men and women have had to fight defeat and adversity.

8. I will never surrender to discouragement or despair no matter what seeming obstacles may confront me.

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Rama.Turangan said...

Thanks Kathy..

Love your post on code of persistence by harold sherman..

-Rama from Indonesia-