Saturday, February 09, 2008

Success Tip - Money = Helping Others

I often work with clients in the healing/helping field that have trouble charging for their products and services. If you are in the same position, here is a reframe that may help to shift your energy.

The more money I have - the more people I have helped.

So, if I have a small income - I am only helping a small percentage of people.

Lots of Money = Helping lots of people

Lots of Money = Making a difference in the world

Here is an exercise to help you instill this belief and help make it more comfortable for you to charge the fees that you deserve.

Write the 4 statements down on a post-it note or 3x5 card. When you have time to sit quietly, read the statements out loud a few times, close your eyes and meditate on this wisdom.

Does it make sense?
Do you have any resistance?
Does comtemplating this idea helps to shift your energy?
Are you ready to get out there and prosper?

To your success,

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