Monday, November 26, 2007

The Energy of Love

The energy of love has created the Universe and everything within it. The energy of love is alive, active, vital, creative and healing. Love is an energy that you have the power to direct. You have the ability to flow and expand this energy through your intention.

Last year, I offered a teleclass on the power of love. I had the participants send love into a glass of water in order to witness first hand the energy of love. Try out this experiment yourself and be prepared to be surprised.

Take two glasses and put two to four ounces of water into each glass. Place one glass in another room where it will be out of sight and out of mind. Hold the other glass in your hand and send love into the water for about one minute. Imagine love going into the water in any way that feels comfortable to you. You may use an image, a feeling or just have a sense of love going into the water. After one minute, taste the water in the two glasses and notice if you detect a distinct difference.

Participants in this experiment reported that the water they sent love into tasted “smoother”, “lighter”, “less metallic”, "warmer", etc.

After the experiment, I took the teleclass participants through a guided imagery sending love through their entire body. Since the feedback was so positive, I have recorded the guided imagery and offer it on my web site.

Here is the description of this guided imagery:

Love is an energy that has the power to heal, balance and align your physical body. During this 16-minute guided imagery, you are taken on a journey sending love to your entire body. You will send love to every cell, tissue and organ in your body. You will send extra love to any physical challenges your body is currently experiencing. You will end by sending love to the people and situations that mean the most to you.

Get your copy of the Energy of Love MP3 recording: Click here.

Action Challenge

Love can be sent to any person, place or situation. It can be sent to foods, pets, plants, computers, web sites or cars.

Here are some suggestions:

Send love out ahead of you whenever you leave the house.
Send love to any situation that worries you.
Send love to your spouse, children, parents and friends.
Send love into every meal you eat.
Send love to your office, workspace, computer, boss, co-workers.

Here is an affirmation I use:

May the energy of love go before me, making the way clear, smooth, easy, joyful, successful, fun, positive, and prosperous.


“Love is not automatic. It takes practice and awareness, just like playing the piano or golf. However, you have ample opportunities to practice. Everyone you meet can be your practice session.” Doc Childre and Sara Paddison, HeartMath Discovery Program

“Give away your love, freely and without expectation. Give it away, and soon your life will be filled with love, and you will have set others on the path of love and peace.” John Robbins

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