Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Be Unreasonable by Paul Lemberg

Are you growing a business?

In his new book.. Be Unreasonable, Paul
Lemberg shows you why you may not want to do
what is reasonable.

Being reasonable about your business will
only bury you deeper in the pack. If you want
to get out in front, you have to break away
from yesterday's conventional thinking.

Paul shows you how unreasonable strategies
can bring you unprecedented success. Through
real-life case studies of successful and
unreasonable businesspeople, Lemberg shows
you how to:

BE UNCOMPROMISING by sticking to your
goals no matter what.

BE DEMANDING by expecting more, not less,
from everybody.

BE CRITICAL by changing old systems that
just don't work.

BE OUTRAGEOUS by creating your own
Business Brain Trust.

BE PREPARED for real success on your

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Be-ing Unreasonable takes Confidence.
It takes confidence to step out of the
norm and break away from the pack. In
as little as 15-minutes, you can activate
confidence with this easy-to-follow energy
shifting technique.

Fear rises up from inside, so does confidence.
Which do you prefer?


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