Friday, April 13, 2007

Need a Million Dollar Idea?

Need a Million Dollar Idea?
by Kathy Atkinson

Have you ever noticed that when you need something like a new computer or a new car, you begin to notice all the ads, articles, and commercials that highlight computers or the model of car you want to own? If you are not in the market for those items, you barely notice all the information crossing your path.

We are bombarded everyday by thousands of messages and information we don’t have time to consciously process. Our brains are wired to filter out anything that is not on our “radar screen”.

Here is an example of what I am talking about:

Recently, I was in a restaurant about one hour from my home and overheard some people at the next table mentioned the town where I live. Normally, I would not be paying attention to conversations at other tables, but the part of my brain that acts as a filter was aware that they were talking about something I had some connection to and my ears were immediately drawn to their conversation.

Perhaps you have had that experience at a party when you hear someone across the room mention your name and you are immediately aware of who is talking about you above all the other conversations going on around you.

Your name, your hometown, your place of employment and anything else that is important to you is on your “radar screen”.

So, are you are the look out for the next million dollar idea? Is that on your “radar screen”?

Several years ago, I wrote a script, so I could program my brain to be on the lookout for the next multi-million dollar idea. I have to say that I come up with great ideas on a regular basis because I am on the lookout for them. I notice how to improve things, what people are complaining about and what new products I would like to have.

I have taken action on some of my ideas, one of them being the scripts and audio recordings on my web site It is not a million dollar website yet, but I have taken action on the idea.

Ideas without action are just ideas, so once you get the idea, you must take action. However, first you have to collect ideas, so I want to share the script I use to help you program your mind to be on the look out for the new ideas.

Read this script over and tweak it until it resonates with you.

I choose to be Independently Wealthy!

And, I choose to experience all the Gifts and the Blessings that go along with being
Independently Wealthy.

I Know that the next Multi-Million Dollar Idea already exists!
I am firmly grounded and ready to receive the Idea that is a perfect match for who I am and what I want to express in the world.

I choose to always be on the ready for this Amazing, Exciting and Magnificent Idea to appear. I expect to see it as a Thunderbolt that hits me from out of the blue and is so recognizable that I hit my head and say...
“Da, that’s it! Why didn’t I ever see this before???”

I choose to be on the lookout everyday for this Golden Nugget that is my ticket to
Wealth, Stardom, Freedom, Fun, Excitement, Thrills and More.

I Know that Heaven and Earth will move to accommodate me and this new venture! What I come up with will fill a need, or a desire that the masses have been asking for. It is the Law of Attraction at work. They ask, I position myself to allow the answer to come to me. I then allow the perfect unfolding of the Creative Process, in a way that brings me
Joy, Happiness, Delight and Success.

I open myself up to what the masses are asking for, or what they are demanding to see
- Now!

When I rendezvous with this New Idea, Sparks Will Fly and the Heavens Shall Rejoice as this New Idea is born. I give thanks for the opportunity to birth this New Idea and to see it Develop, Grow and Mature into a full expression of who I am and where I am at this point in my ever expanding experience.

I acknowledge and appreciate the Magic and the Miracle of this New Idea Being Birthed Into My Imagination. I acknowledge and appreciate that the timing will unfold perfectly.

And So It Is, And So It Shall Be

Action Challenge

Program your mind to be on the lookout for next million dollar ideas by reading the script over on a daily basis.

Begin to notice the things that irritate you, the things that people are complaining about and any ideas that come to you on how to improve things.

Keep a small notebook handy and jot your ideas down.

Once a week, take out your list and see if there are any ideas that you feel inspired to take action on. (Not every great idea is something that you want to take action on.)

With enough focus and attention, eventually, you will hit on an idea that really resonates with you and you’ll get a “green light feeling” that lets you know it is time to act. Then, take action!


"The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas." Linus Pauling

"I have never had so many good ideas day after day as when I worked in the garden" John Erskine

I am ready to discover the next million dollar idea.

Today I will be on the lookout for million dollar ideas.

I expect million dollar ideas to come easily to me now.

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