Monday, September 04, 2006

One Page Energy Diet

Do you have a bookshelf full of diet books? Jon Gordon has put together a one page diet summary that anyone can apply. Here is what Jon has to say.

One Page Energy Diet

Haven’t we had enough of complicated, expensive weight loss programs and countless diet books filled with hundreds of pages of advice that people don’t read or put into use? A diet plan does not have to be so hard or take up so many pages. My goal is for you to take action because action is what will produce results. Weight loss, like everything in life, is the result of doing ordinary and simple things with extraordinary commitment, consistency and focus. I was inspired to share this plan with you after a friend asked me to share some simple energy and weight loss tips with her. The result was the One Page Energy Diet. Follow it and you’ll see results. Weight loss is not about dieting. It’s about feeling great, getting fit, thinking positive thoughts, sleeping, staying calm, eating foods from nature and enjoying life. When you find your energy, you’ll lose the weight. Stay energized!!! - Jon Gordon

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