Sunday, August 06, 2006

What's Cool About You?

What's Cool About You?
by Kathy Atkinson

Summer is heating up. I’m sure your life is as busy as mine these days. I would like to offer you a cool activity to play with your family at home, in the car or on vacation.

Recently I participated in a marketing class and some of the discussion focused on the gifts, talents and the unique perspective we offer our clients. Our instructor also presented us with an interesting question that I had trouble answering. She went around the room and had us answer this question.

“What’s cool about you?”

I’m not sure why it was so difficult to answer, but for some reason that question has a whole different meaning or feeling to it that I have never considered. It is not that difficult to articulate my gifts, talents, knowledge and perspective, but “coolness” is…uh…well…not a term I normally apply to myself.

Try out the question for yourself. What’s cool about you?

Is there anything that immediately comes to mind?
Do you consider yourself cool?
Are you leading a cool life?

If coolness isn’t a term you would apply to yourself, how can you get some “coolness” this summer?

Action Challenge

As you are sitting around or traveling around with your spouse, kids, family and friends this summer, play the “What’s cool about you?” game.

Take turns naming the cool things you like about the people you are with and have them name the cool things they like about you.

Have your kids list the cool things they like about themselves.

Make a list of the cool things you like about yourself.

Make a list of the things that you need to do to get some “coolness” into your life and take action.

As summer heats up, have fun being cool.

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