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Success Points

Success Points
by Kathy Atkinson

When I work with clients, they have an ultimate goal they are expecting to achieve. With weight loss, they typically have an ultimate goal of how many pounds they want to weigh. With money issues, the ultimate goal may be acquiring a higher paying job.

The ultimate goal is something that is not usually reachable overnight, so people often get discouraged and give up before they reach their ultimate goal. One way to prevent this from happening to you is to create Success Points along the way to your ultimate goal.

By creating mini goals or Success Points, you are able to see your progress, evaluate your progress, and celebrate your progress. Acknowledging these Success Points helps you to stay motivated and on track toward your ultimate goal.

If your ultimate goal is to weigh 120 pounds and you now weigh 180, you need to figure out how to reach that goal. How are you going to lose 60 pounds?

Success Points along the way may be:
1) Research ways to modify your eating habits.
2) Decide on a program that will support you.
3) Create a weekly meal plan.
4) Shop for appropriate foods that support your goal.
5) Decide how you will handle meals away from home.
6) Identify ways to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle.
7) Decide on an exercise program to adopt.
8) Pick a starting date. Etc…

If you create a list of these mini goals and check them off as you complete them, you have a much better chance of achieving your ultimate goal. You can make note of your progress and see that you are moving forward.

If your ultimate goal is to make more money, how are you going to accomplish that goal?

Success Points along the way may be:
1) Decide how much money you want to make.
2) Decide if you need more education.
3) Research educational opportunities.
4) Decide if you need a job change or relocation.
5) Talk to people who are making the kind of money you want to make.
6) Talk to people work in the field that you want to work in.
7) Choose a course of action. Etc...

Breaking down your ultimate goal into Success Points helps to make the whole process manageable instead of overwhelming. Noticing what is working and what you are accomplishing is a great motivator and keeps you inspired.

Action Challenge

What have you been putting off starting because the ultimate goal seems out of reach or overwhelming?

Create a list of Success Points that will get you started.

Check off each Success Point as you accomplish it and celebrate your success.

Notice your progress.

Add more Success Points along the way.

Keep track of the Success Points that happen naturally.

It won’t be long before you reach your ultimate goal.

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