Friday, July 28, 2006

Magic Moments

Magic Moments
by Kathy Atkinson

Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France seven times. Quite an amazing feat. Amazing to do it once or even twice, but seven times. Truly remarkable! I would love to interview Lance at some point and talk to him about his secrets for success. I would want to know how he kept inspired and motivated to achieve such a grueling accomplishment so many times.

At this point, I can only speculate on his secrets to success, but I imagine that one of them is to stay focused on the Magic Moments in his life. So, what do I mean by Magic Moments? Magic Moments are those junctions in time when everything came together and you were left feeling wonderful. Those times in your life that bring you the most joy, the most happiness, the most excitement and the most pleasure. Think back to the time when you rode your first two-wheeled bike all by yourself. Or, the time you rode your two-wheeled bike with no hands for the first time. Remember when you passed your driver's test. Remember when you drove the car for the first time alone. How do those memories make you feel? If you don't have any drama or trauma attached to those events, remembering them probably makes you feel really good.

Lance Armstrong, must be a master at remembering Magic Moments. He must be able to, with great detail and emotion, remember the thrill and exhilaration of preparing for, participating in and winning that event. How good are you at remembering and focusing on the Magic Moments in your life? Do you spend time remembering the wonderful events in your life and using them to raise your energy and elevate your mood? Do you spend time imagining the success that you want to achieve and the Magic Moments you want to experience?

Too many people spend too much time remembering and focusing on the drama and trauma moments of their life. I don't think Lance Armstrong would have accomplished, seven Tour de France wins if he spent any amount of time focusing on the falls that he's had, on the flat tires that he has had or remembering all the bikers who have passed him up in the past. He didn't even let the diagnosis of cancer stop him in anyway.

We all have the ability to choose our thoughts and choose what we want to focus on. It is definitely much more fun to focus on the wonderful things that have happen to us rather than the drama and trauma that we all experience also.

What Magic Moments can you focus on today?

• The day you got your first bike.
• The day you bought your first car.
• The day you graduated from high school or college.
• The day you got married.
• The birth of a baby?
• The day you bought your first house and received the keys.
• The day you paid off your mortgage.
• Your favorite vacation spot.
• Your favorite restaurant and the wonderful food and service they provide.

One of the secrets to using this technique is to go back and re-experience these memories in great detail and vividness. Focus strongly on the sights, the sounds and the feelings that are tied to that experience. If you are remembering your first bike, focus on the color of the bike, re-experience what the handlebars felt like, what the seat felt like and how the pedals felt under your feet. Feel the wind in your face, and the independence, power and control that you felt.

Another secret to using this technique is to imagine your future success in great vividness and detail. Have fun imagining the sights, the sounds, the smells and the feelings that you will experience when you reach another junction in time where everything comes together for you and you feel wonderful. Lance Armstrong has to create his future success in his mind long before he crosses the finish line.

Here is one last secret I would like to share with you about using this technique. Try to narrow your focus down to the peak experience. Was the peak experience when you signed the papers for your new house? Was it when they handed you the keys? Was it when you walked through the front door of your new house? Or, was it when you spent the first night in your new house? It's okay to have these all its peak experiences. Just experience them one by one, really remembering that peak pleasure point that you experienced.

Keeping your energy high and your mood elevated is up to you. What past, present or future Magic Moments can you use to accomplish that today?

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