Sunday, June 18, 2006

Facing Reality

Facing Reality
by Kathy Atkinson

Does facing reality mean we have to accept it?

I have participated in several conversations lately about the issue of “Facing Realty”. I believe that there are only two reasons to “face reality”. One reason is to look at and appreciate those things we have in our reality that we like and want to continue.

The other reason is to use our current reality, regarding what we do not like, to spur us into action to change those situations into something that we do like.

When we were little, we did not face the reality of never walking because we fell down the first few times we tried. We continued to practice walking until we succeeded.

All the appliances we see and use in our homes came from someone not wanting to face the reality of lack and limitations and imagined a better, faster way to accomplish our household tasks.

If you are watching the news, stop and think about the limited reality that they are sharing with you. Most of the population is surviving and thriving. Sure there are businesses in trouble, people getting laid off and countries having problems, but think about all the people who are employed and all the businesses and countries that are thriving and growing.

Try to balance out all the negative news with the other reality that you know to be true. Most of us continue to do well. If the reality you hear about on the news makes you uncomfortable, think about what you can do to help the situation or let it go and focus on your reality and what you can do to appreciate or improve your current situations.

Remember, reality is always changing.

Action Challenge

1. Make a list of the things in your reality that you love.
List the people, places, and situations that are doing well.

Use this list in order to appreciate what you do have.
Use the list when you are having a down day.
Use this list when you are frustrated.
Use this list to make your conversations with people about the great things you do have in your life, not your problems and limitations.

2. Make a list of three things in your reality you would like to change.

Brainstorm ideas of how you can change the situation.
Use your imagination to create a different reality.
Expect to see a new and better reality develop.
Talk to people about the new reality you want to experience.

Do not accept that which you have the power to change!

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