Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Create Your Day

Create Your Day
by Kathy Atkinson

When I was a kid, I remember questioning my parents about why there was no Kid's Day while there was a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day. My mother suggested that everyday was Kid’s Day. Still it didn't seem fair.

The greeting card companies and the florists have benefited from all the new holidays that have been created since I was a kid selling more cards, flowers and candy on boss’s day, secretary’s day, grandparent’s day, etc.

I have always resisted feeling obligated to get someone something just because someone else decided we need another special holiday.

So, what I am proposing is that you create your own special days to celebrate. When you get up in the morning decide what theme you would like for the day. It can be something that is focused on you or you can focus on someone else.

Here are some suggestions:
1. Move My Body Day
2. Lazy Day
3. Healthy Eating Day
4. Junk Food Eating Day
5. Dress Up Day
6. Dress Down Day
7. Love Myself Day
8. Love My Spouse Day
9. Love My Kids Day
10. Family Day
11. Spend Time Alone Day
12. Help Others Day
13. Be Silly Day
14. Joke Day
15. Be Bold Day
16. Be Confident Day
17. Appreciation Day
18. Encouragement Day
19. Prosperity Day
20. Best Day of My Life Day (My personal favorite)

The benefits are:
1. You get to decide what to celebrate.
2. You get to focus on something that is important or fun for you.
3. You get to practice creating your day.
4. You have no resistance to doing things for others or yourself
because you are not feeling obliged to.

Have fun with this activity. Be silly. Be serious. But, most of all be yourself. Don't let others always dictate who, what and when you celebrate. You are limited only by your imagination.

Remember that YOU Create Your Day.

Action Challenge

1. Choose a day from the list above or create your own day to celebrate.
2. Mark it on the calendar.
3. Start planning some activities for that day. What will you do? What will you wear?
4. Get others involved in the process if that feels like fun.
5. Pay attention throughout the day to see what magically shows up to support the focus you have chosen.

Enjoy creating and celebrating your own special days.

"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate." Oprah Winfrey

"Celebrate what you want to see more of." Thomas J. Peters.
Copyright 2006, Creative Life Coaching

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